This book invites you on a journey to discover your Self and all your senses intelligently – to be sensitelligent. Your true feelings will help you go beyond fear and control uncovering the true you – your light, love, joy, peace and faith! As you learn to be present, to accept your experiences and forgive yourself you will see how the clouds of fear and confusion dissolve and you will perceive your reality in a completely different way. You will find yourself experiencing complete trust in your Self and your first thought/feeling about what is right for you – you will be intuiting your way in life! Journey this book in any direction. There are four sections; Universal Values, Trust and Intuition, Fear and Control and Reference. Start anywhere you feel drawn to and you will be guided to the next place through the extensive cross-referencing. You will immediately be into your next adventure.

By Ralph Jenkins and Marie Örnesved

Köp från återförsäljare

Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-91-86613-02-0
Pages: 332
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Published Feb 1, 2012

ISBN: 978-91-86613-12-9

Published Nov 22, 2012