Human Flourishing

This book highlights some basic features in a Christian attitude to life. The book explores basic neurophysiological and existential conditions for human flourishing. The author maintains that human consciousness is a meaning-making ability. He describes three cognitive levels: consciousness can transcend the experience of (1) the physical world and (2) itself in order to (3) contemplate or participate in the absolute progressive and creative primordial force that is the Ground of Being. To deny human consciousness the possibility of experiencing its own creative activity or participate in the eternal creative activity is regarded as giving rise to intrapersonal disharmony, which in turn can lead to interpersonal dissonance. The author maintains that contemporary Western culture needs to integrate man’s scientific, humanistic and spiritual quest. Such an integration provides sustainable conditions for human flourishing, both for the individual and society; the essence of a viable Christian way of living.

 By Ted Harris

Köp från återförsäljare

Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 978-91-86613-31-0
Pages: 166
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Published Mar 25, 2017