Love Beyond Death

Just as usual Mikael’s words came from my left and placed themselves on my tongue. I had asked him how he is doing and where he is: All my different layers of “shell” are gone. I am free! Love is the most important thing, that we can be joined like this in love and that we can make a difference through our union. I wish to thank you for allowing and being able to maintain our union in your physical body. It is unusual, but there are many couples like this nowadays. Make sure that you don’t get tied down, we need to be able to fly together. You are so careful and conscientious when finishing up and organising all the old stuff. That is good and what we need to do. When everything is done we will be even freer. You should surround yourself with people that understand us so that you feel safe in the physical world, as well as in the inner world where we have each other. Our light bodies are conjoined forever. I love you, little dove! I would never have said that on Earth, but I say it now. Enjoy your day at home. It is nice to have a couple of quiet days. We need that!

By Barbro Curman

Köp från återförsäljare

Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-91-86613-39-6
Pages: 212
Weight: 0,3 kg

Published June 30, 2018

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