Union of Souls

When a loved one leaves the physical plain, it can be intensely painful. When that person is one half of a 30 yr long devoted marriage, it’s like losing a limb. This was how it felt when Barbro’s husband Mikael departed, but amidst the grief an inner journey began that filled her with wonderment.

In her first book Love Beyond Death Barbro shares how Mikael comes closer to her than ever. Transforming her grief into a deeper soul level love. In this second book, Union of Souls, Mikael describes through Barbro all the beauty he has experienced, since he travelled to The Other Side. What seemed like a farewell forever turned out to be an inner journey to gradually unify their souls and teach them the mysteries of life. Mikael transmits:

All we experienced of love during our life together on Earth, as well as during other lives, is now with us when we meet in soul. This is why we lack nothing. We bring with us all of love while we travel to the light receiving even more of the mysteries of life.”

Through total surrender to each other we have received a great gift – access to both Heaven and Earth. We exist in each other and that is how we become whole. That is how this kind of melting together as souls happens. The keys are love and freedom.”

Within our soul we all carry a Divine part. Within this Divine part, humanity is one and the same. Eventually, all souls will be unified. This book invites to explore, how “love and freedom” connects Heaven and Earth with the hope to inspire you, a fellow soul traveller, to recognise your own Soul’s desire and path.

By Barbro Curman

Köp från återförsäljare

Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-91-86613-39-6
Pages: 212
Weight: 0,34 kg

Published Feb 23, 2019

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